In pCon.planner you have the 3D interior designing tool with which you can plan, furnish and present medical offices, operating rooms, laboratories and CSSDs.

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Find inspiration here

On the pCon.catalog there are lots of inspiring design ideas to be found, created by professional users of pCon. Interactive images are employed to help represent the ideas.

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This is software that lets you configure even the most complex and varied of articles and groups of articles – you do it visually and, in a one-stop process, you make your selection and order the item(s).

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Product configuration and 3D space planning mobil, close to your customer at the point-of-sales.

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Our softwarepartners

Our softwarepartners are based in Ilmenau. They also have subsidiaries and agencies in the Netherlands, Italy, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Turkey, Romania, Russia and Poland.

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